RIBOCA (Rīgā International Biennial of Contemporary Art)


The concept RIBOCA1 - "everything is forever, until it was not more". For me, it literally means that everything in this life is changing - there is nothing immutable. And what seemed stronger than any "stronghold" yesterday can change overnight. We are living witnesses of how the collapse of the huge Empire of the USSR in a few days changed the fate of millions of people and now we live in a different reality. As an ecological catastrophe of the size of Chernobyl instantly "burned" all living things around and how consistently a person brings the Earth to this kind of event on a global scale. How steadily advances in genetic engineering and pharmacology are transforming the structure of the human body and thinking. Just like yesterday, and the day after tomorrow...

It seems that the spiral of time spins with incredible speed and someone invisible takes us to another dimension and how difficult it is for us to adapt to the changes. Human civilization has never changed as rapidly as it has in recent centuries. And many of us struggle with this pace of change - to comprehend, accept, and ultimately adapt to this "Golden age of speed" (James Glake).

The most striking thing in this situation is that constantly changing, the world has already outgrown to exist in our usual understanding. If earlier the speed of evolution allowed to build at least some forecasts, now they lose their importance - both in politics and in... daily weather prediction!

We are surrounded by billions of terabytes of information, can be trusted of this information...I can hardly say for sure.

And at the same time, the fate of each person is so intertwined with the Nature and fate of each other that we can not get off this ship called Earth, which with all the accelerating pace rushes to infinity.

"In the twenty-FIRST century, the main task of mankind will be to acquire divine abilities to create and destroy and to transform Homo Sapiens into Homo Deus." Yuval Noah Harari.

Perhaps for the first time I saw so realistically the present "confused" state of humanity, standing on the threshold of the second half of the XXI century and thought about how important it is without moral upheaval to adapt to the ever-changing realities, to stop "clinging" to the past and its artifacts. How right it is to gain faith in yourself and believe in its inviolability.

Sharing my feelings about this exhibition, I can't help but notice the impressive means of conveying the meanings that the artists used! It seems that from the material artifacts of the past era, we move to the contemplation, feeling and understanding of works of art through three - dimensional structures-light, sound, smell. Technical performance is impeccable.
And from the effect of individual exhibits shivering all over...

The Biennale runs until 28 October 2018. 8 sites-7 in Riga, one in Jurmala. The cost of visiting all sites is only 12 euros, the validity of the ticket is not limited. Be sure to purchase a catalog of the exhibition - your feelings will be complemented by the meaning of the authors.
Full information on the website www.digital.rigabiennal.com