Updated website design for mobile applications!


Google Analytics shows me, that mobile site visitors www.annaavalyan.com significantly more than readers from desktop computers! And, about happiness, the number of" mobile " readers continues to grow!

I really appreciate your time, dear "mobile" readers!
To make you feel comfortable on the pages of the site, I updated the design of the mobile application:

✔on the Blog page, you will find the most interesting publications;
✔turn to the Interiors page and you will step over the threshold of each house and feel the atmosphere! Of course, while the virtual - but very realistic!
✔it has become more convenient to read the description of each project from your mobile device - and it's wonderful! After all, you can visit the desire to discuss this information with a friend along the way!
✔on the Contacts page available links to all my resources in: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram - let's meet where it will be easier to hear each other! 
✔now the button "share" with your friends on Facebook and on Pinterest in the light touch of the finger))

Please take Beauty with you wherever you go!

Friends, I am sure that it will be easy and pleasant for us to communicate on the created resource! That we will change the view of our World for the better! The world does not have to be what it is now. Everything can be different, everything will be much better!

I thank the team of DiVizion Creative Agency for the work on the design of the site!