Sotheby's Institute of Art


Am I bragging about? A little bit! Am I proud of? Yes! 
Congratulate me, please!

Can I recommend? Of course!

But, there are two significant But:
✔ this course involves a large amount of independent work. Otherwise-70% of the material will pass you by;
✔ need English at good enough level. Or there must be someone who motivates you to reach this level!

Some significant advantages:
✔ this is the communication with specialists of the market. Curators of training, the owner of galleries and art collectors;
✔ mandatory participation in discussions. This was evaluated separately. My first impression was took as "minus" - why here is this all?! Give me the materials and that's it. But, it works very strongly! First kindles interest, and secondly forms a solid point of view on the issue. Plus supplemented by information from all members of the group and comments from the instructor;
✔ this individual support from supervisor - practicing the art consultant from new York, with experience in auction houses and private collections;
✔ access to expertise and materials Sotheby's;
✔ this is a good selection of tools for collection evaluation.

What we did:

✔I managed to rise over his swamp and look at the art market in the world and the historical course of time;
✔We created our own virtual collection, interacting with large galleries as part of our homework;
✔The acquisitions were evaluated in terms of value and integrity for the collection (both from an Artistic and investment point of view);
✔We acquainted with the practice of galleries, auction houses and private collectors;
✔Learn to distinguish fake and not be the opinion of authoritative sources;
✔This is a kind of art shopping-a pleasant and useful, in terms of acquired acquaintances.

For me personally, the theme of creating a collection of art objects is very consonant. It is close to the atmosphere of the house and it is always a very family history. Was great fun and already thinking about where to dive next! The world of Art is boundless.