My design projects. Private house in Jurmala (Latvia)


The house is located in the bend of the river Lielupe, in Jurmala (Latvia), where the river bends beautifully, forming a wide water area. Imagine, what this incredibly the magic kind of! Together with Sandra, we made sure that the energy of the river was felt in the house and for this purpose used "to the fullest")) panoramic Windows. Now looking at the river from the house it seems that the space is open and free, there is no barrier between the river and the house.
And still, represent, in house there is no "random" hyphenated. Each thing with a story, which worked on the famous designer (including Mario Bellini, Antonio Citterio, Naoto Fukasawa). From this, our idea - to preserve the "unity with nature" and fill the house with energy embodied in the real interior more than 100%)). See the photo in the article:
But I especially want to say about the arts in this house. These are paintings, sculptures, photographs. Painting, for the most part, the authorship of local artists. The paintings became a natural extension of the interior.
We know that painting carries the strongest energy and there is a risk to bring dissonance into the atmosphere of the house. But, not in this case. The mood in the paintings of local artists coincided with the feeling of the nature of this place, and therefore with the atmosphere of the house, designed in harmony with it. A more natural balance is difficult to come up.
So that was a special project. I got a huge aesthetic and professional pleasure from working on it and share it with you!