Milano Design Week 2018


Every year, in April, Milan starts the Design Week. In my opinion, this is an important event for the interior designer and just for creative people! I recommend it to visit and here are the reasons:

is ENERGY. The air is filled with so creative atmosphere that it is impossible not to soak it! Already on the third day you feel fully "recharged" and ready for new discoveries;
it's an EXPERIENCE. This amount of decision - color, three-dimensional, atmospheric - not give one exhibition, yet it was the biggest event in Europe;
it's CONCENTRATION. Here and expositions, and museums, and installations, and communication, and incredibly emotional Milanese, and cuisine, and wine! You can attend individual events, but such a richness of events can not be found anywhere else - it is a charge for the whole year;
it's  mood. Yet Milan is a very green city and the southernmost capital of design. Plunge into the spring atmosphere after a long winter here is a great pleasure;
it's  the findings of. The city has so many incredibly beautiful places-parks, museums, houses, courtyards, name it! it is impossible to learn in one trip, discover more and more sites in the city! I communicate with the Milanese in social networks and found just "Klondike" incredible places in the city!

I need a power supply, I get it from such rich events and share with you, friends! For creative people I strongly recommend visiting Milan during Milano Design Week!