Holidays! Holidays!


Who where in vacation, mostly on South, and I North! I am close to the culture of Northern Europe, close approach to lifestyle and home improvement. And I am happy to consider my holidays in Scandinavia as a wonderful continuation of my interesting work to make your Home even more filled with happiness – happiness to Live!

Riga-Stockholm, my favorite flight! You know why?! You'll never guess! Okay, okay, I'm not going to "torment you with guesses" and "give you three whole attempts"! Because it's a teleport flight! To fly for only 5 minutes! At 11.10 departure from Riga, and at 11.15 you are already in the "Sunny" airport of Orlando Stockholm! A journey from the future!!!

And immediately the air of a different color, shades become more concentrated, fresh and cold! And as we all know from the interior design course-the space seems a lot bigger! Easier to breathe!

Friends, I'm just like North latitude?! Or do I have a support group?! Please confess! I will be on vacation for a long time-one month and one week! I promise to share the best experiences and findings, which only see in the way!

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