Art in the interior


A house without art objects, even with the most perfect architecture and design, will not leave an impression. It's more form than content! Like a body without a Soul!

The architecture of the house and the interior resembles a well-tailored suit. It leaves a pleasant impression about the person, emphasizes the status - but does not give an idea of the identity of the owner. Who is this person, what he is passionate about, what can be interesting as a conversationalist, how deep his personality is and whether I want to meet him again.

But my opinion, in a house with perfect architecture is convenient to live-nothing restricts movement, takes into account the requirements of the owner to the materials and the number of buttons on the jacket (sorry, on the facade!). This is a well-done work of a professional ... that's it! Does not save even tastefully placed decorator books in closets, spread out blankets on chairs, posters on the walls and vases on the shelves! These things are more a part of the "costume", rather than part of the atmosphere of the House!

Own collection of art you should to "waitr" and happy to collect! This is always an independent work, art consultant will tell only the direction of the search and will give a promising estimate of the cost of work, and the designer to adapt the collection to the interior of the house.

Please take advice on where to buy art. We will analyze each of them in detail later:

✔first of all it's art galleries, which represent the works of authors;
✔this is the auction of art objects, which perform as galleries and auction houses, sometimes banks and investment funds;
✔exhibitions-sales of modern art and art of the past centuries;
✔antique markets - there are interesting findings. But here you need to be especially careful when confirming the authenticity of the works;
✔communication with authors on social networks, on websites and sites-the"aggregators" of art objects. Do not hesitate to contact the artist directly, he is always pleased with your interest in his work. He will surely tell you how you can buy his work!

Art objects are always the history of household Hobbies, the history of their lives, "flight of the soul", if you like! The square footage of your living space or the number of vehicles in your fleet will never create your individual image, will not draw a portrait of your personality, as it will make art objects in the house! Even not so significant is the investment value of the collection, although it is also an important aspect as an expression of your taste, your understanding of art, your lifestyle, if you like!

I hope that my publications will be useful to you in compiling your own collection. See you on the Blog!