2019. 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death.


Leonardo's talent is multifaceted, by the way, he was the first to explain why the sky is blue. In the book "about painting" Leonardo wrote:"the Blue of the sky is due to the thickness of the illuminated particles of air, which is located between the Earth and the black at the top." He considered himself first of all an engineer or a scientist.

But, for me, a "crown" of his creation, remains a portrait of the "Mona Lisa" (Mona Lisa).
In the late nineteenth century, art historian françois-Anatole, Gruye said about this picture: "Soon four centuries, that the "Mona Lisa" mesmerize of all who, enough watching, begins to talk about her»

Gruye, revealed a very interesting feature exploring the work - the more you know about her, the more she begins to "attract" you. My personal experience with the "Mona Lisa" confirms this statement in full.

Once I put in an open home shelf with books catalog of paintings brought from the Louvre. On the cover of this catalog - a reproduction of "Mona Lisa". The book was placed so that the woman depicted in the picture, examines from the height of human growth all the space of a large living room. I really liked the effect - in the room there is almost a "visible" presence of another person.

An attempt to remove the catalog with a portrait, always ended with the fact that it was returned to its place, it became too empty in the room. So we existed for some time, the everyday hustle and bustle of a small family and a portrait of a woman of the past era, looking at us from a height of human growth. 
It would always have been if ... didn't come to hands of Grigory Kozlov's book "Attempt on art."

The history of this masterpiece was as interesting as the portrait itself. 
In addition to the puzzle, which will never be solved-who is depicted in the portrait - remarkable way of life of this picture. 

Almost two centuries "Mona Lisa ""traveled" on Royal palaces: Fontainebleau, Louvre, Versailles, and then and Tuileries, where its owner was Napoleon.
If it was possible to describe all the "secrets of the French court", which saw the eyes of "Mona Lisa", the Books of Alexander Dumas would seem boring history books.

In the middle of the XIX century the picture took its place in the Louvre among the masterpieces of painting. Former Minister of culture of France andré Malraux rightly noted that " museums do not just show masterpieces, they make them so." 
But, a masterpiece wouldn't be a masterpiece if it didn't have its own outstanding destiny. The fact is that Leonardo had four female portraits - but in the Louvre we can see just "Mona Lisa".

And in 1855, Theophile Gautier, the famous author of the libretto for the ballet "Giselle", did the main thing - he" noticed "the mysterious smile" Mona Lisa", which surpassed the popularity of the genius of Leonardo. From that moment, the image of "Mona Lisa" separated from the picture and began to live his own life.

The theft of painting from the Louvre in 1911 for two years made a masterpiece "heroine" of the world's sensations. Even avant-garde artists and their leader Pablo Picasso were suspected of stealing the painting. The prose of life turned out to be, as usual banal, the picture was stolen by a Museum servant, an Italian, in order to return it to its historical Homeland. The return of the painting to the Museum, too, has become a kind of performance on a global scale.

The next step towards the fame of "Mona Lisa" was presented by avant-garde artists. They made the picture an object of experiments, which gave an additional impetus to its popularity. 
The audience was offended to the core, and "Mona Lisa" became famous even more:

✔ Kazimir Malevich made the collage "Composition with the Mona Lisa", where he twice crossed the picture of her reproduction and at the top wrote "a Partial Eclipse»;
✔ Marcel Duchamp created a landmark work "L. H. O. O. Q.", which was a reproduction of the famous painting pririsoval mustache. The name was hiding the phrase: if you quickly pronounce the phrase "l. h. o.", then you will get the phrase "Elle a. chaud au cul" ("she has a hot ass", that is, " the girl is very excited»);
✔ Fernand léger wrote "Mona Lisa with keys»;
✔ Rene Magritte created a painting "La Gioconda", where there is no Mona Lisa, but there is a window;
✔ Salvador Dali wrote "self-Portrait in the image of the Mona Lisa".

In 1962, the picture sailed to the United States on the ocean liner "France". She was sent on a journey by General de Gaulle, who needed Mona Lisa as a diplomat, using the first lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy, who was not indifferent to France. The President's wife was the personal patroness of the painting on her journey.
The visit of" Mona Lisa " smoothed relations between the countries. In the United States have started a real "Joondamine". More than one and a half million people saw the masterpiece in two months. With a light hand of Americans, "Mona Lisa" broke into advertising and became not just an advertising brand №1, it has become an ornament that adorns the goods. Since then, a product that uses the image of Mona Lisa appears daily.

American artists Andy Warhol, Jasper Jones, Robert Rauschenberg and other pop art stars began to exploit the image of Mona Lisa as well as other products of mass culture - from soup cans Campbell to Marilyn Monroe.
✔ Andy Warhol did of the song "Four Mona Lisa", "Thirty Are Better Than One Andy Warhol" (1963), "Mona Lisa (Two Times)»;
✔ Fernando Botero wrote "Mona Lisa, Age Twelve", and then created an image of the Mona Lisa in his characteristic manner, greatly exaggerated its weight;
✔ Jasper Jones used her image for "Figure 7»;
✔ Robert Rauschenberg year created a "Pneumonia Lisa»;
✔ the famous Banksy have created graffiti of Mona Lisa, depicted in full height, turning his back to the viewer, lifting the hem and showing bare ass. He also belongs to the "Mona Lisa Mujaheddin" — Mona Lisa with a grenade launcher.

Having conquered America, the Mona Lisa went to Asia. In 1974 in Tokyo, the picture for the month saw more people than in the United States for two.

On the way back," Mona Lisa "looked into Moscow and stopped at the Pushkin Museum, thereby taking part in the mitigation of the" cold war " and giving a sign that the USSR is gradually opening to the world. Crowds of people were waiting for a meeting with the masterpiece, the day it was watched by about 4600 people.

Such fame comes at a price. And "Mona Lisa" paid. She was assaulted several times. And each such attempt to "spin" the flywheel of the fame of the Mona Lisa even more.

And in may 2005, a portrait of "Mona Lisa", typed by the artist George Puzenkova of computer pixels, went into space at the International station.

After reading the story of "beautiful Florentine", I looked at the reproduced version of" Mona Lisa", completely different eyes. I saw in the portrait what the great Leonardo wanted to give us.

He wanted to use the techniques he had already worked out and tried before, especially with his famous sfumato, which gave extraordinary effects before, to do more than he had done before - to create a living face of a living person and so reproduce the features and expression of this face, so that they were revealed to the end of his inner world. 

Leonardo speaks of the ideal essence of the human personality, its greatness, the ability to conquer the world, if the basis of this personality is love, the love that the master gave to his work. The story of "Mona Lisa" confirms this.

When I look at the portrait, I see an endless source of inspiration for the artist - the desire to dissolve in this world, the desire to accept and understand what is happening in it, the love for all living things...

Friends, if you like the work of Leonardo da Vinci, do not miss the interesting events that will be dedicated to the artist and will begin this year:

1. The teylers Museum in Haarlem (the Netherlands) will start the celebration first. From October 5, 2018 to January 6, 2019, the Museum will host an exhibition of 30 drawings of da Vinci, which will bring from the museums of London, Budapest, Vienna and Paris;

2. The Uffizi gallery in Florence will temporarily return the famous Leicester Codex, the most expensive book in the world, to its historical Homeland. The manuscript will be presented by its current owner, Microsoft founder bill gates from 29 October 2018 to 20 January 2019.