Travel. Yachting. Practical suggestion. Part 6.


In Scandinavia, July-August is the time of family holidays. It's nice to see boats with a full "family" crew, sometimes even with grandparents on Board! Children on a yacht - to be or not to be?! That is the question! I know at least two important reasons why it is necessary to take children on trips:

- children get an incredible amount of impressions from traveling on the water, very quickly grasp the necessary skills and learn to look at the diversity of our world with different eyes!
- for adults, this is a unique opportunity to share their passion with the child, to get closer to him, to spend more time together. The older the child, the more he moves away from his parents. And the more important in a small age to find with him as much as possible "points of contact".

We have never faced such a question. Just because I really did not want to leave the baby for a long time. For the first time we had a rest on a sailing boat with the younger son when he was 1 year and 3 months. Of course, like all impressionable moms, I was very worried about the safety of the child on the boat before the first trip!

Of course, I continue to worry and now, but significantly less, because I learned a few important rules of the child's stay on the boat, which I want to share with you:
- first of all, the baby needs to talk about what dangers exist for him on the boat-why you can fall overboard than "press" fingers, what to do when adults are busy or when the restless weather;
- it is important to think about what the child will do on the yacht. Children are more mobile than adults and are not prone to long conversations! The child should have their own games and toys, drawing items and books , as well as their own space on the boat-even for the youngest members of the crew;
- in difficult situations-for example, when approaching or sailing a boat, when sudden weather changes or in an emergency situation, keep the child in the "field of view". And best of all - send from the upper deck to the cabin, so reliable, because it will not always be possible to concentrate only on the child;
- for children under 3 years, I recommend "pulling" a special rope net on the sides of the yacht, so that the child does not fall out of the boat. At this age, children love to explore the space around them, and the grid is able to delay accidentally stumbled young "researcher". Such mesh it is necessary to ask the Charter companies. They are very popular in the waters of the Mediterranean sea and the Northern seas, because Europeans love to take in traveling Pets - cats and dogs, which also "can not sit still"!
- the child must have his own life jacket. Children, in principle, are forbidden to be on the yacht in swimming without a vest. But, in Charter companies rarely vest for children the right size. Therefore, I recommend to bring it with you. This will allow you to also check the vest at home, in the pool or in the home pond - how well the vest keeps the child on the water;
- please bring the necessary "kit" for a child, including a proven anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. In terms of yacht travel is very difficult to" find " a nearby pharmacy and the necessary drugs. And also "take care" of health insurance-medical care in emergency situations is very expensive. I am sure that it will not be useful to you - but, as they say, "God protects!";
- think of clothes for children. Of the mandatory things is a set of warm and waterproof clothes, rubber boots, hat, cap (preferably several) " with lace", sunglasses and bandana on the head for swimming (for young children);
- think about the "coastal program" for the child, so it was also interesting to go with you on excursions, visit restaurants or cafes. Spend time with him in playgrounds or theme parks. Take a folding scooter with you-it was a real find for us! The child was happy to move a lot on the shore during each Parking lot with his" iron friend " after the enclosed space of the yacht;
- as each member of the crew, the child should have responsibilities and then he will not be bored, and he will feel important and necessary part of the team! It can be cleaning and even control the boat at the helm! Together with mom, of course!

And another important point - from the moment we started to go on a yacht, we began to engage in swimming! The child should feel free in the water element!