Travel. Yachting. Practical suggestion. Part 5.


First of all, I would recommend the following:
make your first trip as part of the training crew of a good yacht school. There you will be able to look at how an experienced instructor creates the atmosphere!

What you should pay attention to:
- organization of the day. The simplest "routine" of the day will greatly simplify life on the yacht. When Breakfast, what time we "sail" to the next destination, approximate lunch time, what time we arrive, when personal time begins. In the" training "campaign instructor sets the schedule, and traveling with friends is the best way - is to agree on a comfortable joint pastime;

- duties on the boat. Someone has to take responsibility to determine who and what is doing in the Journey. As a rule, this person is the one who charters a yacht and invites friends on Board or the owner of the yacht. Believe me, the daily Affairs of the "team", without a hired crew, a lot! Ranging from duty in the galley and cleaning, finishing the navigation and control of the boat. If you are an invited crew member, please treat with respect and responsibility to the tasks that the captain of the boat gives you;

- the presence of a MEDIA CREW in the crew! This is how our English colleagues call a team member who "reports the journey. Namely, he takes photos, writes Notes and notes in the logbook passed route. As a rule, this is the person who has a good command of the camera and does it with pleasure!
Apparently that's all people on the vacation makes the pictures "for memory". But, this is done "from time to time" and depending on the mood. This character in the crew must do his work with regularity and creativity! And after the trip to organize access to these materials to all crew members. Believe me, after a few years you with the great pleasure will enjoy the impressions of the trip;

- meals on Board. Food are usually cooked on the cruise yachts, they are equipped with a stove and a refrigerator. And most often it is done by the crew members themselves. Because as an alternative there is an opportunity: or to invite "hired" Cook, or to eat in coastal cafes and restaurants.
"Hired" cook - an additional person on Board, it must be placed and" carry " with them.
Food in coastal restaurants you very quickly get bored, and the question is not even the budget. Unfortunately, in those places where there are usually "marinas "(ports for yachts), there are practically no restaurants of" Haute cuisine", and the range of a few cafes is very monotonous. So remember the recipes of delicious and simple dishes, take your favorite spices and surprise your friends! How to cook "oatmeal" and rice pudding instructor of the British yacht school, you can not forget!

- plan your trip so that lunch was on the water, it is extremely tasty! And before lunch bathing, and after lunch half-hour sleep. In " hot " waters, such as the Mediterranean sea, it will save energy for the whole day!

- plan an active program outside the yacht. For example, we take Petanque with us and arrange competitions in the evening! And also actively use the bike rental to see the sights near the yacht routes. Dominoes, preference and even" sea battle " will bring excitement and variety to your vacation!

- arrange "Parking" in big cities and organize excursions to interesting places. Acquaintance with local guides (I get acquainted through social networks) and good guides will be very useful! Plan ahead!

- do not wait for the "sea weather", do not waste time in vain. Once on a trip to Sardinia, we were caught by the Mistral. This is a strong Northern wind from the mountains, which brings a cold front, and as a consequence of the storm wind and big waves. Continue the route on the yacht was not possible and we took the car "rental" and explored the South of the island for a few days until the weather changed;

- if time permits, change the yacht to a hotel for a while. It's great to diversify the journey and you will be able to relax in a way;

- make forays to the "great land" for a small picnic on the "Dinghy" (as the sailors jokingly referred to as tied by a rope to the boat inflatable rescue boat) with field "grills". Take pre-cooked food and picnic accessories with you, and don't forget the wine fridge!

- create a" group "on a social network or" cloud " for sharing and invite friends and relatives to share their impressions of what they saw! Believe me, your photos are great "charge" on the journey, and the reaction of friends is remarkably inspiring!

Did I miss anything? If you have any questions-please write, be sure to answer!