Travel. Yachting. Practical suggestion. Part 4.


Why is it important? The fact that the yacht is a very small isolated space, which is a long time enough people.

Even when "family trip" requires some "Tuning", because it is very "narrowed sharply" personal space. And in traveling with friends or in a training crew, to create a comfortable atmosphere is a great art!

The thing is:
- all people are different and everyone has their own habits and rhythm of life. In a closed space, this difference is felt very strongly. All the features of each crew member must be taken into account. I, for example, I love ice cream (seen in the photo), and as a real sailor "catch the fun" at the port of arrival! And someone likes to relax in the evening with a glass of wine! These "nice weaknesses" can not be ignored, otherwise the Journey will not be like a vacation;

- traveling on a yacht is a serious physical activity. It is necessary to remember that the boat is always in a mobile state. This means that a person is constantly working the muscles of the body, most often those that he does not use in everyday life. In the early days, in the evening, there are feelings like after a serious physical activity;

- wind, sun, waves are also great tiring. We are used to constantly be in the room, and the natural element is quite aggressive for modern man.

It is very important in such conditions to learn to enjoy the sea Travel! What should be provided so as not to spoil the impression of yachting? I will tell you about it in the next publication.