Travel. Yachting. Practical suggestion. Part 3.


First of all, it is necessary to remember that the size of the average sea yacht is relatively small (11-14 m in length and 4 m in width). Of course, there are more "large" instances, but believe me, the majority of fans of sea travel prefers such yachts.

The reason is simple - the best time is spent in the circle of the closest people! Because the yacht is designed for comfortable accommodation for a maximum of 5-6 people. Of course, you can rent a large ship with a crew, but you loss the feeling of "home" atmosphere. The size of the yacht also affects the cost of Charter (rental), operation and ease of management.

Accordingly, these yachts often offer Charter and yachts educational trips. This means that the space for personal belongings is very, very limited. I will never forget the impression I had on the male crew of the training yacht when I came on Board with a big AND new red suitcase!

After several trips I "collected" for myself a recipe for the convenience of staying on the yacht, which is based on: compactness+practicality+safety. With pleasure, I share with you:

✔ no suitcases! Only a bag that can be folded and it does not take much space (this advice is not useful if you are traveling together on a six-seater yacht);
✔the philosophical approach to choosing clothes, she will always be "carelessly crumpled" as if wasn't trying! On water high humidity;
✔️a set of warm and waterproof clothes (and shoes) should be even in spite of the most favorable weather forecast. T-shirt and shorts you can buy everywhere, but the clothes for the weather-is unlikely!
✔the shoes for the yacht should be on not slipping sole (this is vital) and with a closed "nose", but not "warm". The sole is "does not stain", it is best white, otherwise you will leave traces on the expensive wood, which are upholstered in the deck of the yacht;
✔the sunglasses, scarf, hat and t-shirt long sleeve - this is the minimum that will protect you from the scorching sun. A hat or a cap on a LACE, otherwise will carry away the first gust of wind (ask in the yacht shops);
✔️gloves. Can regular fabric, but the best special for yachts "with cut fingers." The yacht will have to "pull the ropes" and on the second day of the palm, accustomed only to the computer keyboard, will "burn" from the calluses;
✔this is a compact "bag" with makeup and everything you need for a shower. The yachts have very little water, you will have to use the showers in the marinas (ports for yachts). Hairdryers are extremely rare there, take with you if necessary;
✔️water. In the first days the body gets used to the sun, wind and sea salt and requires water. Make sure that it was always at hand;
✔our delicate skin, which was illuminated by only light office spotlight, will require you protection from the sun and frequent hydration. Even the most courageous crew members "surrender" under the merciless rays of the sun and ask for help in PH protection;
✔charter yachts company support the towels and bed linen, it are always available, but its certainly better have your own. I liked the combination of sheets and pillowcases with "sleeping tourist bag". Warm blankets are always wet, and in the sleeping tourist bag "dry and comfortable"!
✔the medication, special cosmetic products, vitamins and so on, what you are used to, it is necessary to take take with you sufficient and not replenishment on the completion of the road. You just will not have time, and most of the marinas are located in small settlements, where in the shops you will see only subsistence minimum;
✔app is about headphones for your favorite music, spare batteries for telephones, mobile Internet you probably know better than me!

Did I forget anything?! If I missed something, please write to me, I will be happy to answer your questions!