Travel. Yachting. Practical suggestion. Part 2.


I was driven by an irresistible desire to know the colors of the World in all their diversity and I clearly understood that it is impossible to know most of our Blue Planet, traveling only by land!

I was so worried that I was poisoned on the first day of our campaign! I will never forget the astonished look of a yacht instructor, a respectable English gentleman! He could not understand how a woman, who's sick to death, planning to go on a yacht! To admit to him the truth of the reason for his "seasickness" I did not dare - I was afraid that I would be removed from the yacht!

The first experience in yachting as part of the training crew, in my opinion, is an invaluable experience, because:
✔this is the combination of theory and practice;
✔you have the ability to observe the actions of the instructor and more experienced colleagues;
✔now you immediately "dipped" in real life on the boat and the first week is enough to understand this is your or not;
✔this is the learning process goes on continuously, even at night, because the boat goes on fairly intensive route, in contrast to the relaxed Charter;
✔this is the final exam and performing the intermediate tasks required for each crew member;
✔and most important! If you go with friends as part of a Charter yacht (rented), the navigation of the yacht is unlikely to trust for the newcomer in difficult navigation conditions, as well as berthing and maneuvering in ports (there is a risk of damage to the yacht). And in training crews, it's an important part of the program for everyone.
According to the tradition of The English fleet, a separate cabin is provided for the Lady! Since the crews are always mixed, it's a nice option!

It is very important to choose the right school and place for the first step in yachting. The Mediterranean sea, especially the coast of Turkey, a comfortable place for beginners in the marine education:
✔this is the predicted weather and wind;
✔this is developed yacht infrastructure and service,
✔this comfortable climate;
✔this is the optimal cost of the boat Charter.

The next step may be "windy" Greece, ocean Canarien Islands, fashionable Sardinia and Corsica, insular Croatia or unpredictable Northern seas. But, for the first time it is better to create a comfortable environment for yourself to focus on learning the sea business. And then love to the sea you will have a long and mutual! That's significant.