Travel. Yachting. Practical suggestion. Part 1.


But this is enough to place all the boats on the berths and ports, stop navigation and announce the weekend to the ship's team! Wind gusts up to 30 knots (about 60 km/h) knocks down, adjusts to the philosophical mood and makes you lazy! It is time to have a nice break from the campaign, aimless wandering around the city, exploring the neighbors on the pier and justified idleness!

I must say that sea travel for us, was born at Earth, create a certain stress, especially in the first 5-7 days. But, after that, you do not notice any discomfort, and even begin to wonder why people live on land, when so many infinitely free space of seas and oceans around!

But, at first it is always addictive and sometimes even through unusual sensations:
✔this is constantly swaying deck underfoot;
✔this is an infinite number of buttons, instruments and "ropes" obscure destinations on the yacht;
✔this to the salt spray and the burning sun;
✔this is to permanent general "involvement" in the life on the ship, because each of us is a part of what keeps the ship on a given course;
✔this is the state of trust in what is happening with you, even sometimes a little scary.

No need to be afraid of this discomfort. This condition occurs in all, and" salted " sea vagabonds, and beginners in the yachting world. Someone has this ability a little longer, someone a little quicker. But, the result is always the same - this is the charm of wandering.
Such travel is an opportunity to look at the world with different eyes, from the free element, where all are equal before Nature.
And there is only faith in our own strength and in what we are lucky...Yes, we will definitely be lucky! This is a very valuable experience.

Friends, you are traveling on lakes to seas and oceans? Would you?! Please share your feelings, it is very interesting to compare them with your own!