Travel. The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm (Moderna Museet)


To my question At the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm: "How much is a ticket to the Museum?"the lady at the Desk, smiling said: "Free admission"))
"Why?! Why?!"- unwittingly escaped I have!
The girl laughed: "you See, the Swedish Government has made this decision and now more than 20 museums in Sweden are free to visit. Only for the private show we will charge".
Those who regularly visits museums will understand my sincere amazement)) All probably remember exactly how much the ticket costs, and if the whole family! And if a few museums for the trip! The budget can come close to 300-400 euros for art lovers)) and now the Swedish government has taken these costs))

To say that something in me faltered - not to say anything! Literally everything in me upside down)) it is Obvious that we are entering a different era. Where there will be free public transport, payment for housing costs a penny and quality food is available for everyone. I say that not so?
But, look at the airlines lower their fares and tickets can be bought for quite reasonable money (and in future the flights will be free).
Public transport in cities is developing rapidly and travel cheaper.
You can now rent a house in every city thanks to AirB&B and other resources (and in the future you can simply change houses or services to travel wherever you want), fruits and vegetables are available all year round, even McDonald's offers a decent range of salads for funny money and I often eat them there (and in the future there will be more quality food
What am I? And to the fact that probably there will be no need to "rest" and a lot of work - everything you need will be available. In some countries even now available)) the issue of redistribution of public goods.
When there is no need to "survive" there will be a lot of free time and the desire to create, to create for the future. I admire those who already now live in creativity, so lives in the future))

On a photo work of the Russian artist Lyubov Popova (1889 - 1924) from the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm (Moderna Museet).