Travel. Swedish society. Part 1.


One of the important features of the Swedes, which I would like to learn to such a high degree - is the habit to build their own lives so as not to cause inconvenience to other people.

This habit is "organically" embedded in Swedish society. And it consists in the fact that:
✔this is not to violate the personal space of another person;
✔this is to always make you feel welcomed and to communicate;
✔this is not to create an imbalance in the surrounding environment exaggerated attention to his own person (too bright clothing, fragrances, accessories, cars, houses, behavior).

At the "global" level, this is seen in the fact that the last 200 years the country has not fought with anyone (not to create inconvenience to its neighbors and its residents), and all conflicts were resolved exclusively through agreements.

And in everyday life it is a comfortable communication and incredible delicacy of Swedes:
✔this country there is practically no fences around the houses, or they are very transparent. But, everyone can be sure that it is protected from idle curiosity;
✔new neighbors sincerely ask you - did they disturb you with their presence;
✔now no one will take a forgotten thing. It will be raised and put in a prominent place;
✔this habit to clean up after themselves in public areas (cafes, public toilets, showers and Laundry room, BBQ areas) is developed from the Swedes to automatism;
✔hold the door, move away, move their stuff, if they disturb others, not to engage in conversation, if there is no invitation...

You can talk about the culture of the nation from the "grandstand", but it is manifested in the everyday behavior of people. I'll never forget the time, sorry, in a public bathroom, by the ferry to Gotland. When I met face to face with the respectable lady coming out of the toilet cubicle, I suddenly noticed her embarrassment. "Sorry," she said and went back to the booth. And I saw that she was changing a roll of empty toilet paper to a full one, especially for the next customer, me...

And I caught myself thinking that I wouldn't have thought of that. There is no habit - not to cause inconvenience to other people, developed to such an extent. I watch the Swedes and I am pleased to be in this society, but still not always so attentive to other people.

From the very case, I thought-it turns out that the culture of the nation begins with itself, with each individual? With habits not to cause discomfort to others...What do you think friends, is this habit achieved by "daily exercises"?