Travel. Sweden. Way home.


Unfortunately, or fortunately, all good things come to an end very quickly! So, even the longest vacation, inevitably comes to an end. It often happens that fatigue accumulates and you already want to go home even from the most comfortable conditions. But, anyway, a little sad that so quickly flew time...

I am very grateful to the Universe for the fact that travel gives the opportunity to "full reboot". The impressions, like a tsunami, "wash out of my head" all the "stuff" accumulated over the years, as well as, at the same time, all the "passwords" along with pin codes of Bank cards and access to the Internet Bank! Apparently, for happiness, it is not so important!

In my head, "ringing" and "crisp" freshness, like a white sheet of A4 paper of impeccable quality. In my heart the fullness from the new experience, a new understanding of themselves and the world. In the heart of light sadness from parting with what was comfortable in this journey that you saw and accepted as his that so easily slipped and "village" on you as a spacious silk dress, enveloping cool on a hot day...

At one time, one piece of advice gave me the opportunity to turn the sadness of parting with the journey into the joy of waiting. I am happy to share with you!

This advice is to start planning a new vacation while still on vacation! Works great!!! And precisely because you still clearly feel what you want to experience in the next adventure, and "much more than a foot!" Upon returning home, these feelings are "smoothed" and become not so clear.

Planning a new trip, this dream should be "let go", returning thoughts only from time to time. After all, the dream she...butterfly, the more you "chase" it, the faster it flies away from you. And if you calmly watch her from afar, then the dream butterfly flutters trustfully around you, flying closer and closer.

And already approaching the moment of materialization, the dream needs to be "supplemented" with details - how we will spend time on a new trip, where we will definitely go and what we will see, how we will live. And material "artifacts", such as - purchased tickets and paid accommodation - will not" fly away " butterfly-dream back home!

It's very similar to that... how to enjoy a delicious cake very small pieces, stretching the fun! And the cake itself becomes much tastier from the anticipation of this holiday!

In my life there were spontaneous trips and" last-minute "offers, but the best holidays were obtained by this"recipe"!