Travel. Sweden. The Stockholm archipelago.


If you look from the plane or on the map, the archipelago looks like a "compote" of exotic fruits. There are "scattering" of small cherries, papaya in the cut, a branch of bananas and even, accidentally flew into this "compote", half a walnut!

Nature is very different from the center of the country, you can feel the "harsh breath" of the Baltic sea. Here you can see the flat," friendly "with the sea wave boulders pressed to the ground, tree branches, as if seeking to enter" in unison "with the breath of the sea and low creeping clouds, as a confirmation that our land at the poles" a little " flat!

Only one third of the archipelago's Islands are inhabited. "Habitability of the island" literally means that there is at least one small house on the island. These houses are real Swedish "cottages", with its own pier, sailing or motor boat or yacht club nearby. It seems to me that the owners of such "cottages" are really happy people. To have a house on your own, uninhabited island - a Dream in today's bustling world! I really want to "zakonopatit" in this house at least for a month - and let the whole World wait!

People in Sweden can not imagine their life without Water. Countless reservoirs within the country-rivers, lakes and canals - makes it possible to have in front of your home, albeit small, but open space. It disposes to calmness and inner peace.

And in terms of population density, Sweden is on the penultimate place in the European Union (only 21 people per square km), less densely populated only Finland. Friends, do you have any idea how much "air" people have in this country?! How freely it breathes!

I think that this circumstance forms the character of the Scandinavian people - the presence of internal freedom, "personal space" and quiet self-confidence. Do you think friends, is it really the area in which you live, shape the character of a person? Or is it just the surrounding society and dad/mom?