Travel. Sweden. Ecology.


Drinking water in large bottles is not sold because... it doesn't make sense. In the water pipes of the houses, clean drinking water flows without additional cleaning, in restaurants and cafes water is served free of charge in large decanters, in self-service snack bars water can be poured into paper cups.

Drinking water comes to the house of the Swedes, from the so - called "blue belt" of the country-natural reservoirs (from rivers and lakes). The route of our trip comes along this very belt. The Geta-channel we follow combines a system of rivers and lakes, including lake Vänern, the third largest lake in Europe (after Onega and Ladoga). The water of this lake is identical in composition to distilled water. By the way, the water from the lakes of the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is also suitable for drinking without cleaning and served on the table to the Royal family.

And what smells in the evening on the water - it is a magical fragrance! It is at the same time and the aroma of freshly cut ripe watermelon, and fresh cucumber, and grass after the rain! From such freshness dizzy and want to dial it into the lungs as much as possible!

The forests around the lakes and rivers are very clean. Not just clean, but very clean! The fact is that Sweden processes all its garbage into electricity. Moreover, the country is importing waste for recycling it into electricity. Imagine, Sweden lacks its own garbage! One hope on neighbors!

At the same time, the country has a well-developed industry and many enterprises are located near water bodies. Sailing on the lake, we saw from afar a giant SAAB military aircraft factory near the town of Lindköping. But, I would not like to be the Manager of this plant on ecology - I can imagine how stringent the requirements for environmental protection.

Here's a friends, it turned out a long story! And just because the stores do not sell natural drinking Water in plastic bottles! Friends, and let's imagine that in our country the same pure water in natural reservoirs! Just for a second! Perhaps our collective desire will be able to change something in our lives! Do you think? Let's try!