Travel. Sweden. Eco-friendly vacation.


How is it connected with the environment? Very simple.:
✔if we have more small vacations in distant lands, the more often we fly on airplanes. "Exhaust gases" of aircraft, the so-called condensation trace, lead to a large release of hydrocarbon and, as a result, significantly affect climate change;
✔this long stay in one place, the person successfully adapts to the local public transport. This means that it does not use cars for rent or taxi, thereby reducing the use of fuel;
✔it's amazing local produce and therefore more environmentally friendly will also become available after you "oriented" to the terrain. And getting to know the locals opens up more opportunities in the field of local services. This supports and develops the local economy;
✔if stopping in some places for a long time, people "intuitively" picks cleaner, more natural places to stay. This is developing the ecological direction of tourism.

Agree, it sounds very convincing. In Scandinavia, employers are willing to meet when choosing this format of vacation. July and August are the traditional months for extended family holidays.

In my opinion, this is a very sensible approach in principle. In addition to environmental concerns, there are a number of practical aspects, namely::
✔thе frequent travel is significantly large the cost of travel (tickets, travel to and from the airports) than in one long journey;
✔the long stays in one city, it is always significantly lower the cost of payment for housing and for public transport;
✔the traditional "two-week" vacation do not allow to properly enjoy the holiday - "day of arrival", "departure", "acclimatization" and for recreation just a few days;
✔great game for two weeks it is impossible to learn "life hacks" by locals - where to buy cheap and tasty food, some interesting places are better to visit, what are the specialties of this area it is better to try. In two weeks you will remain an ordinary tourist, traveling on "beaten routes"!

For my part, I want to note that only at the beginning of the third week you fully adapt, relax and begin to feel really on vacation!!! Friends, you see, because recruited a lot of reasons to go to the "long vacation"! Agreed?!