Travel. Scandinavian minimalism.


Light, a lot of light - the basis of Scandinavian minimalism. The Scandinavian people are obsessed with light. In Northern culture, welcome any kind of light, it was formed over the centuries, when it was necessary to survive the long dark winters.
The first spring sun rays meet with genuine delight. And the summer Solstice (the longest day of the year) is actually a summer Christmas.

In Scandinavia, design the interior so as to leave an empty space for light. Sources of lighting can be any: floor lamps, table lamps, candlesticks, lamps with a paper lampshade, chandeliers and spotlights. The house should be as bright as you can afford. Light is the Central element of buildings and interiors.

The culture of the Scandinavian people is also respectful of the personal space, and therefore even the smallest apartment will look more spacious. It is consciously designed to let in light and maximize the free space.

Sufficient and necessary amount of furniture, light walls, high ceilings, reflective coatings and finishes that do not absorb light colors and textures, no draperies on the Windows. All these are elements of the classic Scandinavian style. Light is the basis for understanding what is called minimalism.

In the Nordic countries developed glass industry and is very appreciated glass decor. The oldest Swedish (Kosta Boda, Orrefors, Pukeberg), Finnish (Iittala, Muurla) and Norwegian (Hadeland Glassverk) factories are known for their creations around the world. Because glass is the "messenger" of Light. It lets light into our house and greatly enhances its effect.

One can not help but remember the words of the famous Swedish designer on glass Sven Palmquist: "with the help of glass, you can make sculptures of light, and with the help of the sun - to paint color."

For me, understanding the importance of Light in the house was decisive in creating the interior. After all, where a lot of Light is much easier to breathe, and therefore easier to live!