Travel. Royal Danish Theatre.


This is the unusual combination of water and music.
Building area of 41 thousand sq m seems weightless and floating above the water. This is 14 floors, of which 5 are below ground level. More extensive and at the same time concise, delicately blended with the surrounding landscape of the building, I confess that I have not seen.
For comparison, the area of the Sydney Opera house is the visiting card of the city, only is 22 thousand sq. m. The Architect of the Sydney Opera house, by the way, was also a Dane - Jørn Utzon. But, the Opera in Sydney this is a self-contained character, rather a symbol than a part of the surrounding landscape. It is look like the Statue of Liberty in New York, Big Ben in London or the Eiffel tower in Paris. More like a dream than reality.
And here, here's another story. The Danes are somewhat skeptical about this work of his fellow countryman Henning Larsen, calling the building "the toaster in a baseball cap")).
But, in my opinion,
this architectural masterpiece - part harmony of this place, part of Danish culture "hugge" - a life in harmony with yourself.