Travel. Modern architecture of Copenhagen.


On modern Danish architecture all have heard, who have some has to do with architecture. Now the Scandinavian architecture is at the peak of popularity. Copenhagen has a lot of architectural masterpieces – and "The Silo" in the former granary, and now the fashion house, and the "Black Diamand Royal Library" of Denmark, and "Cristal" – the building of financial Corporation Nykredit. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
But, I can't say that Copenhagen is the city with only the modern architecture. Rather, it is a pleasant mix of contemporary modernism (the kingdom of glass, steel, wood and natural stone) and outstanding masterpiece of red brick, built by the great-grandparents of today's architects. Walking here is a pleasure. This mood is very typical for Scandinavia.
There are no striking monstrous designs created special for the Guinness Book of records with their overbudget and oversize. Copenhagen architecture hasn't the outright kitsch - I "most-most". But it is makes the atmosphere of city alive, healthy, and very open. For some people a "skyline" of the city it may seem like some boring. Because practicality and efficiency are the mostly important for all. It hasn't "ragged eclecticism" when from the slums are growing giant neboskreby and the skyline resembles a cardiogram of a heart attack.
But, it creates a feeling rather calm, inner confidence and self-sufficiency – such, what should be the atmosphere of the modern and successful European capital.