Travel. Design of Scandinavian countries.


One of my favorite Scandinavian palettes is Central Sweden!

The nature of Scandinavia is very different. Denmark is very different from Sweden, despite the fact that they are close neighbors. The nature of Norway is so original that it is difficult to compare it with something. Northern Sweden is a bit like Finland, but you still feel the difference in both the natural landscape and the architecture and way of life of people.

These differences are also reflected in the subject design and interior design. In my opinion, Scandinavian design is a very generalized concept. Upon closer examination, it seems so obvious handwriting of each country that "the hand does not rise" to unite it all into a single style!

Danes are refined and laconic, Swedes are the most emotional of Scandinavians, Norwegians are restrained, but at the same time expansive! And Finnish design is so close to natural Beauty that it is impossible not to distinguish it from neighbors!
Friends, and you notice the difference or is it not seems to you?