The value of self-expression or what is not taught in modern society


Do you dance? Have you ever thought about why a person dances? What is behind the movements when a person "draws" with music and body plasticity?

Let's try to remember when a person dances. This is a bright time of childhood, when any happy melody carried away in unrestrained fun. It's youth, with an unthinking energy in the "growl" bass guitars and sheet thunder drums. This is the first waltz of married life. This is the energy of unity and support in adulthood...

There is a strong connection between movement and the inner state of man. Man in dance invites to communicate, invites you to look into the inner world and thus creates the self-expression. In our practical time, this relationship is actively using art therapy (art treatment).

In dance, a person enjoys the beauty of the body, because it reflects who he is. Please take a look at the professional dancers! These are people with beautiful hair, shiny eyes, white teeth, with a fresh complexion, with good posture, pleasant manners and so on. We feel that dance is a source of pleasure for a person and it can be so for everyone!

Pleasure is the key to self-expression. When we sincerely Express ourselves, we experience pleasure that ranges from easy to all-consuming. The pleasure of self-expression does not depend on the reaction of others.

Self-expression is nice in itself. Please, remember the pleasure you felt in the dance to understand how true it is!

Why it is important to talk about it and why it is important to understand. The fact is that the need for self-expression is directly related to self-depreciation. 

And modern "Gods" - scientists have called self-depreciation "curse" of the XXI century, provoking depression...

"I can't","I'm not capable " - such reaction cause in each of us, sooner or later, standards which are established by modern society.

The appearance, the income level, the social status, the success in the professional simpler, the recognition of others...we evaluate ourselves by these parameters! We didn't miss anything?

Higher, higher, faster! There is no limit to "perfection".

But, once you've reached a long desired goal, sighed deeply, looked around...then suddenly you begin to understand that you are still a "loser", because there are people around who are higher, stronger, luckier, they have more money, more beautiful partners...

Devaluation of oneself is a defense mechanism, it relieves anxiety. If we are facing something scary and unimaginable for processing by our brain, then we depreciate, make small, familiar and intuitive. In particular, we underestimate our own assessment of the importance of our personality - "I can't", "I am not capable". Man as a person is a self-evaluating being.

Correctly working function of self-assessment of the person is vital:

- it ensures our independence;

- stimulates development and improvement;

- displays the actual attitude to yourself, your actions and actions, assesses the adequacy of their actions;develops self-satisfaction, self-respect and pride;makes you stop if your actions and actions entail self-criticism and dissatisfaction with yourself. Because it destroys personality! 

An adequate or inadequate attitude leads either to the harmony of the spirit, creates self-confidence, or to a constant conflict that brings a person to a neurotic state and to serious health problems!

Suppression of self-expression is a direct path to low self-esteem. Human self-expression is the desire to show one's own merits, achievements and positive qualities. And not compliance with the visible criteria imposed by society.

The mistake of ethics of modern society is that a person seeks to get an assessment of his own self-expression through the people around him.

You can ask: "Why it is a mistake?" After all, recognition increases self-esteem!

In fact, this is not true. It is true that other people's recognition is secondary.

It is important to receive recognition from the most important person on this Earth....from myself! It is important to value your opinion about your merits, achievements and qualities. It is important to learn to listen to yourself to understand - whether you get pleasure from what is happening to you or not. After all, pleasure is the most important criterion of your own evaluation!

Dear friends, I don't dance)) Just do not know how! But I know for sure that I do what gives pleasure - I create Beauty in our World, in our homes and in our hearts! I enjoy Art and share my experience how to create my own art collection! I communicate with you friends here on this page! What could be better?!

And you can answer a question-from what you catch "high" and feel the best person on the Earth?

The publication used a picture of "The Weight", artist Jack Vettriano (Jack Vettriano), Scotland.