The smart little things. Hallway.


The task of this room is very, very responsible. No other room in the house is not able to so spoil the impression of the owners. Agreed?

Because, in the first place, the hallway should always be...clean! After all, no one wants to open the door to the mess!

It is difficult to achieve this, but it is possible - first of all, with the thought-out organization of space and following a few simple rules:

- minimum things in the hallway. The best place for stocks of "seasonal" clothes and shoes, Slippers for guests, accessories for "special occasion" - in a specially designated storage. Keep "at hand" only the most necessary for the exit and the weather!
- identify the place for: clothes, shoes, keys, incoming mail, gloves, hats and gently, but firmly, to accustom their Pets to the targeted storage;
- add "seasonal" accessories-umbrella stands, raincoat hangers and rubber mats for wet shoes - as needed. Do not forget to clean in the absence of need;
- immediately get rid of unnecessary items-keys "to nowhere", broken umbrellas, single gloves, advertising correspondence from the mailbox, children's clothing not by size, sports gadgets and toys;
-  use the minimum amount of furniture for this room-this is the place to leave the house as quickly as possible or enter the house! My choice: wardrobe or shelves (for clothes, shoes, accessories), mirror, small chair/pouf. That's it! 
- accustom your favorite household, and Pets including, carefully "shake" feet in front of the front door to the house - do not bring street dust in the hallway! Clean up the landing or porch of the house is much easier than collecting dirt in the house!

I love the small rooms of the hallways, well-organized, but always with its "zest".

In this case, the hallway is "intriguing", makes you interested in the continuation of the interior of the house. This "highlight" can be:

- interesting shape chair or with the original color upholstery;
- large mirror, a very interesting effect gives a reflection of the living room in the mirror hallway;
- the original lamp on the wall or on the console in front of the mirror;
- work of art;
- Persian woolen carpet-kilim. Of all the above solutions, this solution is the most spectacular! The reason is that crossing the threshold of the room, a person, first of all, looks at his feet - which means that the carpet is the most spectacular way to impress!