The idea of Scandinavian design.


I must admit that in our travels I have a great curiosity architecture and interior, especially residents of the Scandinavian countries. I'm ashamed to admit, but I can not help myself! The head itself is rotated in one direction for to take a look to the opened windows of the houses. And, fortunately, there is an opportunity to live in apartments of indigenous Copenhagen or Stockholm residents and "plunge" into their life and way of life.

Apartments of students, apartments for rent and houses of wealthy citizens look equally elegant. The beauty of the Scandinavian interior in its simplicity, sincerity and absence unnecessary objects.

Based on my little experience, I was able to formulate for myself the essence of Scandinavian design.

Scandinavians work to live, not live to work. They believe that man has no need of frills for the sake of demonstrating success.

That is why even the richest of them, in their home, prefer practicality, quality and aesthetics:
✔this is the practicality of the interior means simplicity and ease of use;
✔this is natural, high-quality and durable materials enable them to live in the house long enough;
✔this high quality allows you to use things for many years. This means that they have to be aesthetically attractive for a long time, outside the immediate fashion, because they will have to be seen its every day.

If you understand this moment, it is enough just enough to form a taste for good design starting still students. After all, even "rented" the apartment can be purchased not "temporary" or "latest trend" or things of low quality and "junk". And those that you really like have an interesting history and can "move" with you in your own house. These are design objects and art objects. These things don't happen a lot.

Remember my favorite expression: "I'm not rich enough to buy ugly things!". Perhaps that is why Scandinavian design fascinates people all over the world.
In most countries of the world design furniture is considered the prerogative of wealthy people, and a well-designed house or work of art is available only at a high level of income. It seems that "good taste" is intrinsically linked to social status.

But, in my opinion, it's not the budget, but the right "portion" of design and the ability to notice the beauty in everyday objects...