The entrance door Lighting. The practical suggestion.


Where to start?! First of all, you need to think about what you want to light and where to place the lights. For this purpose, you can just take your time to come to the house in the evening and look around.
If you do it at the design stage of the house, then do it mentally arrived at the place where the house will stand.

A few practical tips for creating input area lighting:
✔this view that surrounds your Home, as illuminated by the neighboring houses and the street. Harmony with neighboring houses is very important. If you want to somehow highlight your home, you can do it at Christmas or on important events for you;
✔this backlit glass panels near the top, and the left and right of the door, always give a soft and gentle light;
✔be careful, place the lamps so that the light did not fall on the not beautiful elements, such as the drainage and gutter system of the house;
✔led lighting is very good solution for lighting the porch, steps and the entrance;
✔suspension is hanging a lantern on the porch will not only give a soft diffused light, but will become an attractive focal point.;
✔upward-facing built-in illumination is well will highlight the architectural elements of the house near the entrance.

Of course, all modern night lighting should work on photocells, automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Friends, I did not miss something for your professional opinion? Please write in the comments!
* in the photo lamp Lyndon, design Vico Magistretti for the brand Oluce. The information from the website was used in the publication