The Space near the House. Outdoor Fabrics.


The culture of the space near the house ("outdoor" space) is as old as our world. But, in today's manifestation it is felt, in my opinion, "fresh breath"!
The main difference is that relatively recently, say about 50 years ago, the space near the house was mostly utilitarian.

It was considered, first of all, as a place under the:
✔plave for fruit/vegetable plants;
✔place for breeding Pets;
✔️utility rooms such as storage rooms, cellars, garages, etc.

Our lives have changed rapidly. There is no need for a person to "survive" in harsh natural conditions and to give all his strength to "produce food" for himself and his family.
The place near the house has become a place for fun, games and entertainment and home family meals. I am sure that in the future we will grow eco-products near our homes, but in more comfortable conditions and with less spending of space and time.
The last few decades the design of the space near the house is developing in this direction. We see beautiful Furniture, lighting, decorative items, interesting fabrics for the street, fantastically designed landscape and pleasing to the eye, well-groomed hands of professionals, plants.
Annual flowers, decor (mainly vases for flowers) and outdoor fabrics allow you to update the space several times during the spring-summer season.

Today I will say a few words about fabrics for Garden.
Fabrics it is a different mood in the upholstery of your street Furniture, it is pillows, bedspreads and blankets. This is what creates a sense of comfort in the interior.
What you need to know about "outdoor fabrics":
✔now almost all the "serious" manufacturers of fabrics have in their assortment a range of fabrics for the outdoor place;
✔I choose the actual fabrics for the new season at the exhibition Deco Off, which takes place annually in Paris at the end of January. It is very convenient-by the beginning of the spring and summer season your garden will be "dressed in the latest Paris fashion"!
✔the pillows and bedspreads it is best to sew in the Studio of the city, but the covers for the Furniture should to sew at factory that produces Furniture chosen by you;
✔it is not necessary to order the furniture in a fabric of manufacturer. You can choose and send to the furniture factory a piece of your fabric. The factory will sew the covers for the selected Furniture from your fabric. The price list of most factories has prices for Furniture " in the fabric of the customer»;
✔ in the price list of factory you can see specified of fabric required for cases of a particular model of Furniture. When ordering fabric you need to focus on this information. For your understanding, here are the average figures: dining chair-1.5 m; soft chair-chair with side cushions-6-7 m; sofa with two seats and two pillows-10-10, 5 m; 3-seater sofa with 2-3 pillows-11-13 m;
✔I take care to update your garden for the summer season in winter, right after new year holidays. "Prepare the sled in summer!" And Paris, if you choose the fabric there, at the Deco off, is charming at any time of the year!

I wish have a fantastic space outside the house, friends!
* the publication uses a photo of HERMES fabrics from the Outdoor collection.