The People who change our World. Tadao Ando.


"Mom, you know why we need the Church?" asked me the youngest son. And then he added: "To pray!»
"But, Honey, you can pray at home!"- I was surprised the beginning of the conversation.
"Yes Mommy, but in the Church nothing can prevent me - philosophically said a child of six years old.

I confess, I am afraid to go to the majestic temples, they "poddavlivat" me superiority, distracted by the abundance of decoration and strict formalities and rituals. But there's a place in our World where I can say: "Here I want to pray and nothing can prevent me."

This is one of the most amazing and unusual buildings. "Church of Light" is Protestant temple in the town of Ibarra, Osaka Prefecture, the work of Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Striking simplicity and grandeur of the idea.

Church of Light this is a small concrete structure with a width of only 5,9 meters, a length of 17,7 meters. The height of the building is 5,9 meters, which is not typical for religious buildings. Outside the building is perceived very tiny.

Light opening in the form of a Cross this is the first thing that a person sees approaching the Church. But to go to Church, he needs to make a way between the concrete Church walls and stop, freezing in front of the entrance. The doorway is made with a shift in the direction to pay tribute to the Japanese tradition - to slow down the rhythm of life before an important ceremony.

The floor in the Church and the benches for the worshippers are made of rough wood, which was used as a "forest" in the construction. The tree is painted in dark color to underscore the light falling from the cross-shaped window of the temple.

The interior of the Church is ascetic. Cross in the wall is the only element on which attention is focused. The cross is not touchable, it is made of Light...
The Church of Light symbolizes The soul's desire for divine Light from the dark limited space of the physical body. In the Church you can have a complete experience, comparable only with meditation.

Due to the thoughtful location of the building, the Church gets the most sunlight in the morning, when there are prayers and worship.

"The Protestant Church is simple. It should have little decoration. But, if with such approach to go too far, then there will be only a conference room. Ando managed to execute a wonderful job to create a "temple". I think he created a really beautiful space." The priest Noboru Marukome, who performs the worship in the temple says about work of the architect priest Noboru Marukome.

Simple, the giver of peace, the almost uninhabited building of a bright light. This effect we can found in other works of Ando, especially in small buildings. With his work the architect speaks how important each project for him. Whether it's a Museum of Modern Art or a chapel in a small town.

Tadao Ando has a unique way of life. He worked as a truck driver and was even a boxer. Despite the lack of architectural education, he became a recognized architect and was awarded the Pritzker prize for achievements in the field of architecture. Tadao donated his entire prize to help victims of the 1995 earthquake in Kobe.

It does not evaluate the status of project regarding the budget. The smaller the budget, the greater the challenge to talent and professionalism. The Church of Light was built on the money of parishioners and initially lacked even the roof of the building. But, the design solution proposed by Ando, allowed " fit " not only in the collected budget, but also to create an architectural masterpiece. People from all over the world come to see the Church of Light.

The simple structure is permeated with spirituality and filled with bright light. In it you want to pray and nothing can prevent you...