"Smart" textiles


My first experience with a fascinating trend in the design of intelligent textiles was in Copenhagen. Imagine that in the near future, you can simply brush patches of grass or drops of red wine from summer dresses. Or clothing that "speaks" the washing machine how it should be washed. Or the not vanishing scent of the perfume from the evening costume. Or the baby's diaper, which signals that it needs to change)).
Modern sensor technology has learned to get tactile information of the skin (moisture, temperature change, the pulse, the effect of "goose skin"). This information has made measurable. Clothes will "notice" the body and react to our moods and needs. Manufacturers integrate textiles and sensor technology. Fantastic!
Another direction that develops the knowledge Centre for intelligent Textiles at TEKO, Scandinavia's largest school of design and business (Sweden). The fabric in combination with electronics – "smart textiles". TEKO brings together 200 producers of textiles, working hard to ensure that the fabric was resistant to stains and static electricity, waterproof, temperature-regulating and needs no Ironing.
Interestingly, the fabric retains the natural framework (cotton, wool, silk). Technology permeate the top layer of fabric with special solutions or "weave" in canvas fabric with a protective thread. The materials become softer and stronger. And all this not only for the army or athletes but for ordinary home use.
First, new technologies retain huge amounts of water and electricity that we use for washing clothes and home textiles. Will not be necessary in such a "wild" amount of household chemicals.
Second, it is scary to think how many will be free time at home! I'm just thinking - where I spend so much time already after 5 years?))