Plant Style


Light breeze green style blew from the harsh shores of Scandinavia three years ago. Today it is a tsunami that swept the pages of fashion magazines about interior styling.

Here I am, feeling the chronic winter deficiency of chlorophyll, rushed to find new ideas for the house!
Look what a useful find found!
This is a book from Australia designers Alana Lang&Jacqui Vidal - ”Plant Style".

Fashion XXI century in pots is graphics and simplicity, large leaves and geometric shapes, unpretentious and resistant to room dry and dark atmosphere of the plant.

The book is devoted to the ideas of green decor. For example, better one large plant than many small and inexpressive.
And also here are the most unexpected places in the house where flowers are placed - next to toothpaste, on the desktop, at the entrance to the house.
Here is a guide to fun indoor plants, how to care, the principles of green styling and accessories for flowers.

"New is well forgotten old!" you say and will be right. But, it's partly. Our grandmothers, alas, hadn't such number of original solutions to decorate the house with fresh flowers. We have significantly more opportunities to show creative imagination in the house.

Let the flowers be not only a favorite pet, but also a stylish home decoration.