Lighting for Outdoor.


Summer days are so pleasant and so I want them to last forever! Night lighting for the Garden magically transforms the space in the evening. You ask - why illuminate the Garden at night?

In summer, the time for sleep is reduced naturally. I want to" absorb "all the energy of Summer to live on this" battery " during gloomy November and February! And we do not even notice how we start to go to bed later and later!

Warm summer evenings is the best time to chat with friends over a glass of wine and under the chirping of birds! "Well" planned Garden lighting is your comfortable atmosphere for friendly meetings and pleasant communication!

For the space near the house decided to allocate three types of lighting:
✔decorative. Its task is to create interesting accents with the help of lamps of unusual shape or effects created by the" game " of light next to interesting objects in the Garden;
✔functional. The main purpose of this lighting is the safety of movement in the Garden in the dark. Such lighting is placed along the paths, stairs, fences, at the entrance to the site, in the house, on the border with water. It helps to protect people from accidental falls and injuries. The "security" lighting is part of Functional lighting. The goal of security lighting is ordering to ensure the safety of people living in the House;
✔architectural. The building is primarily an "image". And the task of lighting is to concretize this image, to present in a favorable light and highlight its strengths. Light makes the building "alive" in the dark and different from other buildings, fits into the surrounding nature and urban context.

Throughout June, we will understand the "subtleties" of each type of lighting and learn how to use each of them for your Garden in Instagram and Facebook! Join friends, it will be interesting!