Light Sculptures by Fabrizio Corneli


Artist Fabrizio Corneli from Italy creates his Beauty with Light. Please look at these works. They're great! "Yes", you argue,"but, there are works and more beautiful"!
"Perhaps" - I will answer you, " but these works are original, they have a creative handwriting of the Master. This is the real Beauty. The beauty of the human Soul. When a person does not strive to make more beautiful and better than others, but shows his own, coming from the heart!»
Agree, friends, because this is the real manifestation of creativity - to reveal his Talent without looking at the "authorities" and the generally accepted canons of Beauty...
These "air Sculptures" of light can be a decoration of each House, or Outdoor space near the House.
Art is necessary in order to give all the best to people, to awaken feelings in them. Your House is worthy only of the best!
Friends, do you like "Sculptures from the Light"?! Are you ready to let them into your Home?!