Lets keep course for the townhouse! Experience the Studio of landscape architecture FUSION Landscapes.


Our world is constantly changing, changing our preferences and tastes. The new generation chooses "mobile" and "light" solutions in everything, including for their home and garden.
In this sense, is very interesting the experience of the Studio of landscape architecture FUSION Landscapes from Nizhny Novgorod, one of the first to offer owners of townhouses interesting and popular service – Express design of the garden area and outdoor terrace. Why was this idea so successful?

A few words about the history of the appearance of Express design.
In 2016-2017, the experts in the real estate market of Russia noted an amazing change. A relatively small townhouses ranging 220-280 sq. m. turned into sales leaders. Growth was so spectacular that the property became known as new format of housing in the big city.

Literally " townhouse "is translated from English as "city house". Townhouses is a complex of two or three storey houses, combined with common side walls and a single architectural concept. At the same time, the owner of each house has an individual entrance, heating system, garage and stork in front of the house. Only the walls between the two houses and the roof remain common. The townhomes fit in perfectly with the urban environment.

What does that mean? Why are houses outside the city and apartments in the city are not as popular as "sections in the house with a separate entrance"?

The main reason for the changes in the preference of people is associated with a change in the lifestyle of the younger generation:
- communication becomes the main value. A detached house or apartment in a multi-storey building isolates the owner from the life of neighbors. A new generation of young homeowners prefer to communicate with others;
- the developed infrastructure of the village provides greater savings in the maintenance of housing than an elite apartment in the city - this is an additional advantage of townhouses;
- a detached house requires a larger budget for serious care;
- townhouse, unlike a city apartment gives you the opportunity to relax in nature.

The area of the plot near the house becomes the "epicenter" of events at any time of the year. This is a place for family dinners, parties with guests, a children's playroom, a study, and a home sports complex in the morning!

Interest in country life in this way has significantly increased the demand for landscaping services in the segment of townhouses. The younger generation of customers requires a new format of interaction-fast and simple solutions, with the possibility of frequent changes.

Landscape architects Studio FUSION Landscapes from Nizhny Novgorod one of the first began to offer the design of gardens remotely around the world. This is exactly what the owners of the "new housing format"needed. Service Express design without visiting of the landscape architect and the Manager on the object, according to the data provided by the customer, has become the most popular among buyers of townhouses and owners of outdoor terraces in the city.

The architects ' idea is that they see the outside space as a continuation of the house, as a "room" on the street where you can gather a large company, cook, read, meditate or watch children play. The design and style of the house and garden, in the understanding of architects, make up a whole.

Many years of experience of the Studio formed the understanding that even the smallest garden space has its own character, suitable to the lifestyle and combined with the characteristics of the house and the environment.

To achieve the desired effect, FUSION Landscapes Studio architects combine all kinds of design elements and technologies, often referring to the traditional elements of a large garden, simply reducing the scale.

Characteristic style handwriting of FUSION Landscapes Studio:
- a creative approach to the greening of the roof;
- Scandinavian dark colours in small architectural forms of the garden;
- thought-out organization of spaces, including"office in the garden". Fresh air contributes to the creative process, regardless of whether you are a businessman or a writer;
- using of cereals and wild grasses. With a huge variety of textures and shades, these plants require little care, but decorate the garden all year round, even in winter;
- the geometry form of standard bushes;
- introduction to the design of functional and decorative elements of the garden of modern steel Cor-ten, which eventually changes its color from silver to velvety bronze shades.

Designing small spaces is a much more laborious process, but all the modern technologies of the "big garden" can be adapted for a small area of the townhouse or terrace.

A fundamentally important principle of the Studio landscape architecture FUSION Landscapes-a "remote" interaction, which significantly saves time and resources of the customer.
The design technology of the Studio, proven by years of experience, provides the specifics of the climate and local plants, regardless of where the townhouse is located in Moscow, Barcelona, Stockholm or St. Petersburg.
Experts recognize that this is the most modern solution of those that are present today in the market of landscape architecture.