Latvian Art Works. Rudolfs Pinnis


Exhibition and sale of paintings by Rudolf Pinnis (1902-1992), helding in the Centre of the Business AviationFBO Riga.
The exhibition features several important works from different periods of the artist: "Old Riga", "Woman with flowers", "Balance", "Landscape" and "Beauty in poetry." Painting of Rudolf Pinnis so changeable in itself, produced from it the effect changes depending on mood, time of day or year, natural or artificial lighting. Interesting to see the artist's works during the day - at dawn, the first hints of strips blue color, while the red remains dark longer during the day...

A few words about the artist. This is a variation on the theme of still life, views of Old Riga, the window, the forest. In 30 years the artist lived in Paris, where he studied the basics of professional skill. Later, all that gave him a French school, merged in his work with the traditions of national art.
The artist is not drawn to a particular action or situation, his works are paintings-experiences that have a clear structure. He pishet bright, rich colors that boldly uses a sharp Association, emphasizes bright colors - muted, warm colour - cold. Impulsive track Masters leave an impression of a magical appeal.
In recent years Rudolf Pinnis interested in ornament derived from folk art. Ornament for him it is a magical symbol. But at the same time, the artist does not limit himself to the traditional form of ornamentation - he builds his relaxed, using the game of planes, of color patches. The signature mark of the artist - when he is a blunt end brush deals have not dried out on the surface of the plastic or cut the contours of the image-vision: the female figure, a flower, a leaf, or the role of signs, letters and words.