Icons of design for children


The child will not learn to understand the beauty of their own. To develop this understanding is our task, the task of parents! The first idea of the beauty of the child receives from the walls of his home. I would say that this is the Foundation of his consciousness - what a beautiful house looks like, what good things are.

For this reason, I do not recommend to decorate the child's room with temporary things. Such as meaningless posters and reproductions, faceless or deliberately "children's" furniture.

I recommend for children's room:
✔pictures of good Artists. Painting develops taste, and many authors have inexpensive children's series of works. Very good watercolor. Faceless poster will be only a color stain on the wall;
✔furniture and decoration of the room with a long perspective. Yes, the desktop and the bed will need to be changed, but believe me, in our world there are so many interesting things to do than frequent repairs in the nursery;
✔a significant piece of furniture for a child's room. I would even say Icon design. It is important to pay attention to the beauty of the designer's idea, the beauty of man-made things, the idea of creating this object. Through this perception it is easy to teach children to respect things;
✔Փ participation of the child, as far as possible of course, to the design of his room. This is an exciting activity and the child will feel more responsible for the order and beauty in his room.

In the photo child seat Unior Up, Italian brand B & b Italia. Wonderful striped Upholstery-new this year! What a cute baby!

We chose this chair for my youngest son's room. On the Ottoman in the shape of a ball it bounces around the room! A chain cables toy dog! Multifunctional thing!

This year, traveling to Denmark, he saw it in the design Museum in Copenhagen. Was no limit to delight! "Mom look, my chair in the Museum! What an important room I have!".

Do not worry much if the child will make a contribution to the work of the designer! Something to draw on it or add a clay sculpture! After all, this is just furniture, and you will have a copy of the author!