How not to make a mistake by purchasing home decor items in another country


I know people who have experienced disappointment and have had similar feelings. 
When they back home and with trepidation unfold the purchase ...carefully selected thing looks alien in the native walls.  Why?! The main reason is the color. That's not the only reason, but today it's about him.

I didn't know that natural lighting can make a big difference shades. Bright colors inherent in the tropics, look dull and" dirty " in the Northern latitudes. A delicate shades of Nordic nature-fade and fade in the riot of colors of the South. 

My most" passionate " mistakes are associated with turquoise and coral colors. I felt an incredible disharmony with the grayish air of Latvia.My artifacts are now stored in a dark closet.

There's only one rule. You should bring from trips items in harmony with the natural shades of the area. This does not apply to items in the art collection - the collection stands out.

In an antique shop on Linienstraße in Berlin, I found a vase the 60-ies Danish ceramist Finn Bukhave. The perfect " hit " in the interior this is an wonderful memories of the month of Berlin life now.

Danish shades of color, however, like the whole Scandinavian palette of pure colors, perfect for the Baltic States. Our sky is the same color!