Hobbies. Wine.Tasting in restaurants.


One of the best ways to learn about wine is to taste it in restaurants.
Restaurant margins on wine are outrageously high. For this reason, I choose the wine on the right side of the wine List on the left - from the price to the name!

But now there are restaurants that focus on the tasting list:
✔this is in the wine list of such restaurants are a significant selection of wines by the glass;
✔this is the price of famous wines is lower than in other places (on average 20-25%);
✔️extensive wine list.
I am sure that in every major city there are such restaurants, in Riga there are several of them. It is important to find your restaurant.

The beauty of the restaurant tasting is that you can try different combinations of wines and dishes. The main thing is to use the extensive capabilities of the wine List and to restrain yourself from ordering your favorite Sauvignon Blanc or "as usual"!

A few small tips for tasting in the restaurant:
✔bring a Notepad to record impressions of wines and don't forget to take a picture of the label! Especially liked the wine can be bought in wholesale companies for home wine cellar;
✔️ordering wine by glass, ask, if it possible, to open a fresh bottle. Keep open wine is not recommended for more than a day;
✔communicate with the Sommelier. The" right " specialist will choose for you the wine from the price range that you specify. Many of my friends, connoisseurs and collectors of wine, often order wine from the lower price line and only occasionally allow themselves in restaurants of wine " the highest echelon»;
✔the restaurants often give tastings of interesting wines combined with "chief" dishes. Ask the restaurant to inform you about these events, there are very unusual combinations (and do not forget about the notebook and camera).

And a very important point! Treat the Sommelier with a glass of wine if you have something outstanding! This gesture promises you a return attention in the future!