Exhibition of pastels by Aleksandra Beļcova


Was fortunate to visit the exhibition of pastels by Aleksandra Beļcova. Special impression left portraits, in which the uniqueness of the expression of human faces, creating the effect of vitality. They seem to look with interested in us, making us feel the atmosphere of intense spiritual life that prevailed in the late 30-ies in Riga society.
The French Impressionists are very precisely made at the time, elusive moments, fleeting impressions, and that feeling never left me during a visit to the exhibition Aleksandra Beļcova. Instantaneous mental illumination that makes even an ugly face beautiful plastic forms in landscapes and exquisite perception - the exhibition left this mood for me. How good will these work in the interiors of houses filled with air and devoid of heavy decor.

Present in all the charm of impromptu left the conviction that the artist managed to capture the impossible — a light the breath of life.