Exhibition Florence Creativity


The exhibition is held twice a year-in spring and autumn - in Florence and Udine, Italy.

This is not an exhibition, but a whole town of Masters! They offer their amazing home decorating ideas. But the most amazing thing, what any visitor to the exhibition will be able to do something with their hands and carry with them. Material and help of the Master right there. It is impossible to resist creativity!

The usual format for us is "go and see", and here"take and create"!

At industrial exhibitions, I'm used to the fact that show the finished product for visitors, especially without going into the technology of its manufacture, and even more so without offering to make it yourself along with the masters on the stand! For me, this is a completely new look at the process of such events!

From the colors and textures you experience a "cultural shock" no worse than Stendhal, who barely survived this state at the sight of the riot of colors of Florence! What to say, Italy is Italy, especially its southern part!

I caught myself on the unusual idea that you need to come here with an "open heart and vivid imagination" to turn your idea into reality.
And so the materials, technologies, samples from all over Italy is not just a lot, but very, very much, so that people do not hesitate to create from the heart.

Types of creativity are familiar:
✔fun and challenging children's toys and clothing, 
✔app all kinds of leather and felt, 
✔this is Christmas and Christmas decorations for the home, 
✔this is the decoration of clothing, footwear and headgear, 
✔I painted on fabrics and ceramics.

But, I was struck by the singularity of these ideas!

Slightly recovering from the first impressions, I found out how involved the visitors of the exhibition are and how much they are interested in what is happening on it.

In the first half of the day it was the venerable seniors with great excitement taking part in master classes, sometimes even with their companions! 
And flocks of cheerful senioritis managing to communicate so that all talk at the same time)), with laughter shared their creativity with each other, not forgetting about the publications in Instagram!

According to my observations, women in Italy are focused primarily on the family and on the arrangement of life of their households. In the house everything should be perfect, from immaculate cleanliness to the manifestation of their own taste in its design. The best way to put your soul in what you do is to do it with your own hands, plus it will add personality to the mass market products around us. Therefore, visiting the exhibition is very practical.

With a huge surprise for myself, I realized how many reasons there are for creativity. Friends, below is a small list, and you will understand what I mean:
✔ approaching Christmas with the ensuing: Christmas house decorations, the table, itself, and gifts for many relatives;
✔ this is the design of outdoor space (near the house) in the spring and preparing for summer family events;
✔️ own image. Italian seniors always look elegant and have their own style in clothes, shoes and especially in accessories. At the same time, it is extremely rare to "abuse" well-known brands;
✔️ children, "flowers of our life". What could be better than clothes or toys created by the caring hands of mom and grandma;
✔ this is the house you must update each season with decorations, and preferably original, not like all;
✔ gifts for important events: weddings, engagements, christenings and birthdays should be address to the soul.

I was captivated by the attention women pay to these events, how carefully they think over the details and how practical they are in these matters.

It is a pity that having drowned in abundance of what the retail trade offers today, we have forgotten about such a wonderful way of self-expression. Such events are very relevant today.

I got a dizzying inspiration from the atmosphere of easy communication at the exhibition! Italians are in principle sociable people, and there are so many opportunities to communicate with each other, with the masters, to take part in master classes, to Express themselves! How much creative energy and inspiration! And just very nice to exchange news in a cafe on the street under the warm rays of the Tuscan sun.

Friends say that creativity is a charge of positive emotions for the mind and for the soul and this is one of the secrets of those who live fullness and happiness! 
After yesterday, I especially agree with this statement.

In the evening, taking a farewell look at the exit, I saw the words written by the organizers of the exhibition: "Florence Creativity is our creation... what's about yours?" I pondered))