Ecology of the house. The air ventilation system


Of course, we don't have a magic wand to instantly clear the air of our street! Not yet))
But, it is possible to create the perfect air in your home. In any case, it is essential to get closer to its parameters. To breathe clean air is vital!

Let us recall, than we breathe in our homes? In modern apartment buildings, we "ventilate" the room, the outputs of Central ventilation do only in the bathroom and in the kitchen. This means that the dirt, exhaust gases, insects, pollen of plants and noise from the street fall into our house. And on a hot windless day it does not ventilate, can only cool with air conditioning...

Owners of private houses also do not think about the system of ventilation, and architects, unfortunately, rarely offer takin solutions...There is an opinion that for a country house such a system does not need - "he says and so clean the air around it, the window opened and the order"!

And now imagine this order.

Remember the modern country houses with panoramic Windows with landscaping around-is not it beautiful? And now let's remember also who lives in this gardening! That's right - plants and all sorts of insects, and mosquitoes that "all your pollen" and "all his family" vehemently seek in your house)) And what will you do? Of course you close the window! And you will breathe air-conditioned air on a hot summer evening. Or hang a mosquito net on window with panoramic Windows... Sad picture.

And in winter, when aired significantly decreases the level of humidity (contact of cold and humid air of the street and warm air of the house gives such an effect). This exacerbates the dry air in the room. In most cases, people rarely thoroughly ventilate the house and gradually it is filled with " the smell of grandmother's chest»((

Although the solution of creating a "perfect air" in the house already exist. We are talking about modern ventilation systems in a private house - the so-called supply and exhaust systems.

The principle of operation of the system is that around the house extend the channels through which enters the house is cleaned through special filters the air and presented back. This system is also capable of humidifying and conditioning the air. About how these systems are installed and run a lot of information on the Internet, I will not write about it. I will write only about what is faced in practice:

- how a system of "perfect air" improve the quality of life;
- what to consider when installing this system.

What gives us the system of "perfect air":

  • the system regulates the air quality at any time of the day (especially intensive at night, when a person is in the room for a long time). Remember headaches in the mornings is the lack of fresh air in the room;
  • humidifies the air in the whole house at any time of the year (important function for the winter period). The skin does not dry, it is much easier to breathe, children get sick much less;
  • the air in the house is always the same comfortable temperature at the onset of heat and cold;
  • the system automatically increases the intensity of work by increasing the number of people in the room. When going to a large company of people-the room becomes stuffy, there is no such problem;
  • no need for ventilation. And thus excludes dust from the street, as well as all sorts of bugs and spiders; 
  • eliminates household odors of cooking and of "clothing cabinets". The house always smells of freshness;
  • eliminates excess humidity in the rooms of bathrooms, swimming pools and prevents the appearance of "fungus". 

    Do you think this is a good reason to have a ventilation system in your home?

What should be considered when installing the ventilation system:

  • the installation of the system must be planned when preparing the house project. This is a part of the system of utilities, it can not be changed without reconstruction. The pipe is "hidden" under the ceiling; the cost of installing such a system in the house is high enough. This should be taken into account in the project budget. But I am sure that you can always find the best solution for your home;
  • the cooling cassette of the air conditioner can be built into the ventilation channels-this makes it possible to slowly and safely cool the air throughout the house on hot days; 
  • placement of ventilation grilles should be considered in such a way that they do not direct the air into the presence of people and have an adjustment of the direction of air; 
  • for air ducts of the ventilation system, heat insulation must be provided, otherwise condensate will accumulate; 
  • one of the parameters of choosing a ventilation machine is its silent operation. Otherwise you will Wake up at night from the noise; 
  • the shape of the ceiling in the house must be thought through taking into account the passage of ventilation pipes underneath - and it should look aesthetically pleasing!

    I see in ventilation air only one drawback and none of the constructors has not yet been able to solve it in response to my queries)) They are so quickly freshen the air that does not linger, the aroma of homemade perfume!

So from me personally a bottle of champagne for someone who will solve the problem - how to make the air in the house was both fresh and with a French flavor (and distinguished from room to room))!

Good atmosphere in your house!