Ecology of the house. Temaby design, Lithuania.


The young design team has a lot of fresh ideas and today I will talk about one of them.
This is an Original Guest piece of furniture-a chair, a coffee table and a bedside table! For dining room and living room, bedroom and nursery. Mobile and unassuming, practical and convenient, non-flammable and safe for children. Created from natural materials - wood, linen and leather.

The idea of creating a Guest captivates wisdom and simplicity! The history of its creation was born in Klaipeda, Lithuania. What do we know about this town?
Klaipeda, first of all, is a large seaport where cargo containers from all over the world come! Together with the containers, from the sea voyages, pieces of untreated logs arrive in Klaipeda, which fix the cargo for transportation by sea.

Port dockers send "sea workers" to the dump, so they were burned along with other wood debris. But, this is a noble, solid type of wood species, such as beech. And it's sad!

A tree or its parts, like a man, have their own life. Life changes the character of the tree until it is finally ripe. The water, temperature changes, sunlight are formed the character of our "sea workers". This tree is not in need of industrial drying.
Ordinary in appearance, but healthy and strong pieces of wood have accumulated a lot of inspirations over the years of sea travel! How many ports managed to see how many nautical miles to conquer! They carry a piece of free sea wind.

A team of young designers "back to life" of "sailors", written off ashore. They were carefully selected in the port and have the opportunity to relax during a year to establish themselves in their natural and unique form. Drawing Guest, with its cracks and wrinkles, it is impossible to copy as it is impossible to repeat a person's face.

With logs remove the top salted layer of" rough skin", sanded to perfect smoothness. Cover made of natural linen completes the home image, and a strap made of genuine leather makes the best guest of every room in the house!

The Guest - this is a warm welcome from Sunny Lithuania, which absorbed the "salt" of this country. This is a unique character, woven from the sea wind of wanderings, the touch of flax and earth, as well as the warmth of the master's skillful hands.

Friends, I am very happy with such subjects in my home! Would you like to receive such a guest in your house? Or invite him to a friend's house? How do you like the idea of using waste materials? Please share your impressions of the ideas of the team Temaby!