Ecology of the house. Panels from the Northern moss.


In my opinion, we desperately need Nature. All our dreams are connected with Nature - a country house and a trip to the sea, and sports in the fresh air. Residents of megacities surrounds themselves with plants in the house and even build multi-storey houses with vertical landscaping.
This trend-a piece of real Nature in the house - becomes clearer. And will only grow.
The first in our house "broke", but rather "crawled")) and the moss. If a couple of years ago this solution was inspired only by designers at International exhibitions, now the offices of giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Porsche, BMW is difficult to imagine without such decoration.
Let's see what it is - a tribute to fashion or thoughtful decision? Can it be used for private homes or offices only?
A few words about the hero of our story)). The moss (or in the language of professionals stable moss) is a moss that has absorbed water is a special liquid glycerin. This solution provided our hero "eternal youth")). As a result, the moss got:
- elasticity and brightness of colouring;
- a rich color palette;
and even do not need any care!
Moss is produced in the form of decorative wall or ceiling panels of various shapes and colors. For Paul, this material is not suitable - too much load, quickly dies.
Why is this solution so popular?
First, it's a great sound absorber. It works much better than panels made of other materials (mineral wool, gypsum, cardboard, wood Board). Agree, in the noisy office of the modern format "open space" is an urgent need;
Secondly, this is a great indicator of humidity. For the normal existence of moss needs a minimum humidity of 35%, as well as to humans)). With less humidity the moss dies. So when you choose your place of work - pay attention to the condition of the moss in the office;)
Thirdly, like any plant, moss purifies the air through a constant cycle of "breathing" plants-absorption and release of moisture;
Fourth, it is eco-friendly material, safe for people and Pets. Moreover moss is not combustible.
And most importantly-this material is practical to use. Moss does not require care, does not need pruning and watering. Fears only direct solar rays. Manufacturers claim that the service life of such panels is 50 years. This is the material of the future - is not subject to fashion, natural materials are always relevant.
Plus it is nice and stimulating to work and what is necessary for the employers)).
Can this decision be applied in a private home? It is possible and necessary. In addition to the above items, panels made of this material are easily mounted to the wall or ceiling on fasteners.
I like this decision and I offer it to customers.
What's your idea? Would you like to have this wonder of nature in your home?

The publication used a photo of the company Nordgrona (Sweden).