Ecology of the House. Granite.


Granite is a beautiful natural stone "doomed" to high popularity. It is a durable material, durable and heat-resistant.
Granite is "creation" from entrails of the earth. He was born of such minerals as feldspar, quartz and mica. Thanks to quartz, granite has such a rich color palette.
But these natural quartz content in the granite which is up to 35-40% - has created this material a reputation as a "radioactive". Indeed, some types of granite have a high content of quartz, this granite is even used as raw materials for uranium production. Let's figure out what to do - if you want to see granite in the interior, but disturbed fears for the security of the home.
It is important to know that granite has the classification:
Class 1: the safe indicator that have such a low level of radiation that even some foods exceed it (especially products grown in the ground, potatoes, carrots, etc.). This value is in the range of 0.2-0.5 microsievert/hour;
Class 2: articles under this classification are intended for outdoor beautification, the indicators do not exceed standards, but still slightly overpriced;
Class 3: for use in non-residential areas as a material for road construction, the radiation level may slightly exceed the standard, so the constant presence with him is undesirable.
I recommend You the following: with this knowledge and in the company of designer - visit the warehouse of the manufacturer and ensure in the absence of radiation in a selected material. At least the manufacturer must have a certificate.
Why it should do together with designer? The thing is, each "slab" of stone (plate-blank) has unique hue - it's a natural material! Which is significantly different from the shown sample. To avoid "unpleasant" surprises in the interior - it is better to choose in the warehouse. The same manufacturer prompt - fit sizes of the selected "slab" for the project or not.
The right approach to the choice of stone will not spoil the impression of the repair! This is an expensive purchase - is to spend more time with him.
Personally, I "vote" for granite! Besides the undeniable advantages, to process it requires the least amount of energy in any part of the world (even less than for processing steel and concrete). No wonder granite is used since ancient times. This means that processing of a granite causes the least harm to the environment and to the ecology of our Planet!