Design Index. How to find out the prices of interior design objects?


There are several ways in which you can understand the level of prices for the items you are interested in interior. The following are the fastest and most affordable.

1. In the first place refer to the website of the manufacturer. In my publications about design objects, I always give a link to the manufacturer's website.
To my great joy every year, the number of manufacturers giving full information about the product on the company's website increases. Because both for the designer and for the private client "quest" under the name - "find the dealer, find out the prices", it is extremely tiresome, believe. It takes a lot of time and often, in the process of designing the interior, leads to replacement with another product;

2. The second way. To find information about a particular subject on Websites of aggregators such as and This is the huge catalogs of interior objects with easy navigations. Through these resources, you can contact the manufacturers to clarify product details, technical drawings and prices;

3. For interesting finds there is a website It is used by designers in order to find rare and unusual things for the house, as well as interior items that were released a limited number of;

4. The good information is provided by the annual paper directories, the so-called Design Index.
They are produced by specialized publishers of architecture and interior design. They briefly describe the best sellers and new factories, as well as the level of prices for these items. This is a very handy tool, I buy these guides at exhibitions.
Thanks to the development of the Internet, the quality of information provided by the manufacturers themselves is improving. To work with interior design becomes easy and fun.

Transparency of pricing policy, the openness of the factory to cooperation-all this gives rise to confidence and awakens the desire to work more actively with the products of the factory.

In my next publications, I will talk about what information on the websites of the factory can be safely "trusted", and what needs to be tested "personal involvement" in the selection of furniture, sanitary ware, lamps and decor items. Please, write - what questions you may be interested in! I will gladly answer them.