Create A Dream Home. Part 2.


The subject of interest of the designer is functional and aesthetic preferences to the space of the House. Simply put, how a client lives in his house, what he does in every room and what he likes and what he does not like in the house.

The more details the designer reveals at this stage, the easier it will be to create exactly the space that the customer needs.

Regardless of whether you plan to work on a house project with a professional designer or on your own, I recommend you to prepare answers to questions about your own home. Take a pen or laptop, discuss with family and jot down all you could remember.

Let's look at the answers to what questions you need to think about. We will analyze the large blocks, call them part of the interview.

This is the part one of our interview. "My family's lifestyle and plans."
What here it is necessary to ask yourself:

✔professional employment in the house. In other words, do I plan to do business in the house (or other family members) and what will I do. It is necessary for the organization of working space in the house-home office, workshop, reception for one or more family members;
✔ the number of family members who live permanently in the house. Do not forget to take into account your plans for the expansion of the family. Think about the visits of guests and relatives (whether to live for some time in the house and how you will place them);
✔ have you Pets and plants, plans for acquisition. It is necessary to create conditions for Pets, as well as what materials to use in the decoration;
✔this is the placement of personnel for home care or for children. Will there be people who work in your home permanently residing in it or is it just the incoming staff. It is necessary for the organization of space - where these people will live or change clothes, eat, place their belongings and equipment;
✔social life inside and outside the home. How often do you organize events with guests, what holidays you celebrate at home and how do you do it. How often do you leave the house-who at this time will monitor the house and how will be organized access to it;
✔Hobbies and interests of family members. It is necessary for the organization of space for Hobbies, as well as storage space for inventory. Sports equipment occupies a large enough space and it is necessary to think in advance. Music rooms require good acoustics and sound insulation, etc.;
✔ what are the available valuable interior items must be included in the updated design of the House. It can also be collections of paintings, sculptures, Antiques, family photos, etc.;
✔what style of interior or exterior of the House you prefer. The best help in the answer to this question will be "visual images" of which I wrote in the previous publication on this topic (clippings from magazines, collections of photos, albums in Pinterest);
✔it's amazing what events influenced your preference in the style of the Home image. It can be a trip, travel or memories from childhood. A very important question, as the answer to it helps to "develop" this topic in the interior;
✔what is not like in the House. These can be color combinations, furniture items, fabric textures and finishes, as well as things that cause unpleasant associations or allergies.

Well friends, have I missed anything? Agree this is an important point to create the image of the House. The more detailed you describe them, the easier and faster it will be to implement and the more comfortable will live in the House!

Continued what else you need to consider for the Home of your dreams in the next publication on this topic!