Create A Dream Home. Part 1.


The key words here are two" himself "and"to see". You need somehow express the vision of your home, your style. Do not expect that it will do for you by someone else. Then it will not be your dream home, but another person's dream home.

How do you do it? What way?

The most important thing in this process is the scrutiny, which then develops into competence.

Picasso said: "Good artists copy, great steal." This literally means-to pump yourself with other people's images to a state when the "chemical process" is launched in the mind and an Idea is born. This is the beginning of creativity.

Start interested in this topic, browse through interesting resources, catalogs of factories, publications on this topic. And you very quickly "will catch the style". You know, this is very similar to creating your image in clothes, only a longer and diverse process.

Not all of us draw or create visualizations on a computer. But, there is a very good tool available absolutely for everyone which will help us to create a visual image of the House. It is necessary to collect in any convenient way the pieces of the puzzle "the image of the House", which then will form a whole.

It is convenient to do this in Pinterest. The principle of its work is that it can collect and organize folders of the ideas that you see in your home. For example:" private house Architecture"," Landscape design","kitchen Furniture". You save your favorite photos in folders from Pinterest itself or from other sources, subscribe to updates of interesting resources, share information. The same can be done in folders on your computer or cut photos from paper magazines, but you will be limited in communication.

After saving about 30-40 photos in a folder on the same topic, you will see that you choose similar style photos! Most likely this is what you like - your style. Now it will be easier for you to explain how you see the facade of the house, Windows, doors, furniture. What textiles and art objects you choose and what art is close to you.

Some useful tips on how to build a "visual" image of the house:
✔going from the general to the details (start with the house shape and landscape the area around);
✔ determine how many rooms will be in the house and save images of these rooms (dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, guest room, hallway, gym, home office);
✔ detail the interior, pick small parts in a separate folder. Such Details as" Tiles for bathroom"," lounge Chair"," Table lamp for study"," Parquet Board"," art objects made of glass " -will significantly bring you closer to understanding how you see the house. Feel free to take your favorite photos from our Instagram survey!
✔ for understanding what colours you like, collect a folder of images on the color palette. For example, all objects or interiors in pink or gray. As a result, you will understand-what colors in the interior you see the main, and which only as accents;
✔this is another interesting folder, which is created by the designers. I'll call it Inspiration. There is better to put images of all that you admire nature, city, food, fashion, texture, fabric, form. And after a while you will determine to what your style is closer - to Scandinavian, to historical, to shocking or to some other!

Of course, collect a selection of ideas for you can professional designer without attracting you to this process, but the house will not reflect your personality.'s a start! This will be our first step to create the image of the house. In the next article I will tell you our next step - what you need to think about and "tell" about the house, so that its image was filled.