Create A Dream Home. Kitchen. Part 3.


Friends, in the sense of order in the kitchen – I'm a terrible perfectionist! And for me the worst thing is the "MESS in the packaging of products"!

It's look like someone, who mixed in the closet: "large" boxes with cereal and grains, paper bags of flour and sugar and plastic bags with pasta, nuts and dried fruits!
✔it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing;
✔it's impossible to find anything in this mess»;
✔this is in the closet with time is the smell of the products;
✔this closet space is used inefficiently, it seems that all the time there is not enough space!

After traveling to the store, I definitely find time to put the products into beautiful containers! Personally, I prefer glass jars with a plastic lid – they are leakproof and attractive look! 
Friends, please take advantage of this advice and you will get a well-organized space, order and a much nicer overall picture!

And how do you organize the space in the kitchen cabinets? Please share, it's very interesting!