Create A Dream Home. Kitchen. Part 2.


I am a very happy person!I had a chance to communicate with real restaurant chefs and even cook in the kitchen of the famous chef Denis Ivankov in his restaurant ID Gourmet in Riga.

Chiefs special people, after all they every day who give us pleasure! But, for them it is so important that:
✔kitchen worked "like clockwork" - quickly and smoothly;
✔space was used as efficiently as possible;
✔kitchen utensils and equipment were professional, which means convenient and reliable!

I realized that in order to properly design the space of the kitchen-you need to THINK like a CHEF! Below are the important principles that we will use for home kitchen:

✔ "Everything in its place'. The working space should be free, and each subject has its place. Before work, during work and after work, follow this rule;
✔ "All within visibility and quick accessibility." I think the chiefs would cancel all the drawers if they were allowed the space of the kitchen! In the professional kitchen often hang utensils on hooks and knives are stored in vertical racks. But, if you do not like the open arrangement of kitchen utensils in the kitchen-then store everything in boxes, but near the stove;
✔ This "just and enough". Save space kitchen, buy only the most necessary equipment;
✔ "We buy in bulk, we pack in small containers." Chiefs buy professional packing of products in the markets and in such distribution networks as Metro, Achan. This gives substantial savings in cost. For immediate work in the kitchen, some of the products are poured into small containers and placed near the stove. The rest on the top shelf and in the freezer;
✔ This is "Low price and made for heavy use - criteria to select kitchen utensils". Utensils for table setting and cooking are two different things! Items such as cutting boards, "white porcelain", steel appliances, knives and containers, plastic and glass containers, wooden spatulas, wicker baskets for kitchen - buy from companies that sell professional "utensils" for the kitchen. High quality and inexpensive. These are consumables, they should always be "at hand" and in sufficient quantity!

A few more useful tips in my next posts!